Can't Keep Your Dog in the Backyard? Put up a Chain Link Fence


If you like to put your dog in your backyard to get exercise but they always get out, there are many things you can do to prevent your dog from escaping. One of these things is putting up a fence. One type that you can use is a chain link fence. 

1. Install Chain Link Fence

The most common type of fence used for residential properties is chain link fencing. This is because this fence is not expensive but will last for many years. The fence is also durable so a dog could not get easily get through it. You often see chain link fences that are gray, but you can find them in other colors. You could also paint the chain link fence if you prefer to add to the aesthetics of your home. Chain link fences have a zinc coating for protection. If you want a different color, your fence contractor will apply polyvinyl chloride to the fence. 

One thing to consider with a chain link fence is how deep you put the fence. This is especially true if your dog can easily dig under a fence. A fencing contractor will ensure the fence is deep enough to prevent your dog from doing this. The fence also needs to be tall enough so your dog could not jump over it.

You can also ask about the gauge, or the thickness of the wires. The thicker the gauge, the more durable the fence will be. The mesh should be measured to make sure it would not be easy for small animals to get through the fence and into your yard. 

2. Use Fence Panels

If there is a lot of activity around your property this will be enticing for your dog. To help with this you can purchase panels that you can place on the fence. Measure the length and height of your fence to ensure the panels fit correctly.

These panels will completely cover the fence so your dog could not see out. This can also offer you and your family privacy. You can find plain panels and you can find panels that have designs or images to make them look more pleasing to the eye. The panels are generally easy to attach to your fence and will come instructions and everything you need so you can do this yourself.

Ready to complete your next project? Contact a fence company to learn more about your fencing options. 


15 April 2020

Choosing From Fence Contractors

When you start thinking about different ways to make your property better, you should think carefully about reaching out to a fence contractor for help. Fence contractors are skilled at helping you to construct a sturdy, beautiful fence that will work with the exterior of your home. However, since it can be tricky to choose a contractor, it is important to know what you are looking for. Think carefully about which contractors in your area are offering the kinds of fences you are looking for, and work with them carefully. Talk with them about what they are able to offer you, and what they can do to help. Choosing a fence should be fun and interesting.