A Look At Some Repairs Your Vinyl Fence Might Need After It's Been Damaged By A Storm


One good thing about a vinyl fence is that it's so durable, it doesn't need many repairs. However, no fence is indestructible. If your fence was blown down by wind or had a tree fall on it in a storm, then you'll need to have the fence repaired. Vinyl fence repair is usually a fairly easy undertaking. Here's a look at how a contractor might repair damage to your fence.

Replace The Pickets Or Rails

If your fence is still standing but has damage to the rails or pickets, the affected panels have to be taken apart to repair the damage. This involves prying off the post caps and then pulling off the top rail so the pickets can be removed.

When the pickets are out of the way, the bottom rail can be repaired or replaced. Pickets that are cracked or damaged can be replaced too, but they may need to be cut to size. Vinyl fences are often custom made and that requires cutting the picket panels to fit between the posts. Vinyl is an easy material to cut, so the fence repair contractor can replace any part necessary and get a good fit.

Patch A Hole

If there's a hole in a picket and the rest of the panel is not damaged, the contractor might patch the hole rather than take the fence apart to put in a new picket. Patching entails placing an adhesive patch over the hole and then covering it with a putty compound that makes the patch invisible. When done properly, the hole is covered so no light shows through and the patch blends in so well that it isn't noticeable.

Put In New Posts

If a post was knocked over and cracked, the fence repair contractor might pull out the old post and concrete along with it. However, an easier option might be to saw off the old post at the level of the concrete and then drop a steel post in the hollow vinyl post that's embedded in the ground. Then a new vinyl post can be fitted over the metal and secured with screws. This makes the repairs go quicker since you won't have to dig a hole and wait for the new concrete to cure.

Fix A Gate

A storm can do a lot of damage to a fence gate. The contractor may need to tighten the hinges and lock and make sure the gate is level again. If a hinge or lock caused the vinyl to separate, the contractor may need to put in a new picket or post so the hardware can attach securely. Another possible option is to screw a stable plate to the old picket so the hinge can attach to the plate for a secure fit.

A fence repair contractor has different options to try for repairing your fence after it has substantial damage or even if it just has a hole. If you need your fence to keep your dog contained or for privacy reasons, you'll want to have repairs done right away so your fence is sturdy again. For more information, speak with a fence repair contractor. 


21 April 2020

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