Precast Privacy Walls: Design And Installation Basics


Do you love the look of a stone or masonry fence, but the expense of lengthy installation isn't very appealing? The good news is that you have the fence you desire but with less effort. Precast privacy walls have the look of a brick or stone fence, but they are cast in one-piece panels from concrete. The following information can guide you through the process.

Style Options

Your first choice is the privacy level — do you prefer a solid wall or would you prefer a screen with some openings in it to allow light and air to pass through? Privacy walls can also come in a variety of designs, such as smooth surface, stone-look, or faux bricks. The height of the wall is also something to consider during this early design stage. Verify that there are no height restrictions imposed by municipal codes or your homeowner's association.

Color Choices

One of the best features of a precast wall is that you can have the color customized to fit your design preferences. Concrete is easily dyed and tinted during the casting process. Your installer can match the wall to your trim, your siding, or to meet HOA color restrictions. The finished wall will not be the boring gray of concrete but the color of your choice.

Security Features

Precast walls are very durable and secure compared to other fencing options that can be cut through or easily climbed. You can further increase security by having gates installed in the wall for your driveway or walkway. Wrought-iron style gates are very attractive when paired with a precast wall, and the wall is strong enough to support both the gate and an opening mechanism. You can also have lights integrated into the wall to up the security lighting around your home.

Molding and Installation

Once you have your design details decided, the molding and installation process can begin. One crew will be pouring your fence in the molds to create the individual panels to your specifications while a second crew will prepare the installation site by leveling and clearing the fence line. The final step is pouring the footings with included steel supports. Once the footings have cured, the panels are brought to your property and attached to the footing to create a secure and durable wall.

Contact a service that provides precast screen walls for more help in designing and installing a new privacy wall.


21 April 2020

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