Five Things to Do Before Installing Your New Fence


A new fence installation needs to start on paper so that you can plan out exactly what you need before being tempted by all the different options out there. The following five points can help you choose the right fence for your installation.

Check Local Regulations

Local rules and code regulations will affect your fence choice. Most municipalities and homeowner associations have regulations in place for fence height, which is typically based upon the fence location -- backyard, front yard, or around a pool, for example. There may even be rules about materials and the color of the fence. Know any rules or regulations that will affect your property before you begin researching the different types of fence options.

Determine the Primary Function

Every fence serves multiple functions, but you need to focus on the primary function when choosing a fence material and style. If the primary function is privacy, then it makes sense to only research solid panel fences like wood or vinyl. If you are more concerned with security, then chain link may be a sufficient choice. It can be easy to be swayed by appearance once you begin choosing the fence for the install, but keeping the primary function in mind can help you avoid this problem.

Consider Ongoing Maintenance Needs

Some fencing materials require more maintenance than others. Wood, for example, needs to be painted or sealed every couple of years. Wrought iron will also require periodic repainting, although not as often as wood. Vinyl and metal fencing, including chain link, are nearly maintenance free. When choosing a material, be honest with yourself about how much time you really will dedicate to maintenance, otherwise you may find yourself disliking your fence later down the road.

Check-In With Your Neighbors

If you share a property line that you plan to fence, then it makes sense to talk with your neighbors first. As long as the fence is installed inside your property line, you legally have the final say on the fence style and design, but for the sake of neighbor relations you should talk over the fence with your neighbors. Sometimes a small compromise is all it takes to keep everyone happy. In some instances, your neighbors may even offer to cover a portion of the costs.

Get a Quote

Finally, call a local fence company and get a quote for the fence you want. They can help you pin down all the options that work for you. The company will come out and measure for the fence in order to provide you with an accurate installation quote that includes both materials and labor.

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28 May 2020

Choosing From Fence Contractors

When you start thinking about different ways to make your property better, you should think carefully about reaching out to a fence contractor for help. Fence contractors are skilled at helping you to construct a sturdy, beautiful fence that will work with the exterior of your home. However, since it can be tricky to choose a contractor, it is important to know what you are looking for. Think carefully about which contractors in your area are offering the kinds of fences you are looking for, and work with them carefully. Talk with them about what they are able to offer you, and what they can do to help. Choosing a fence should be fun and interesting.