Five Benefits Of A Shadow Box Fence


A shadow box fence is typically made of wood, although vinyl options are available if you prefer something a bit more low-maintenance. The frame of the fence is the same as a traditional wood fence -- posts with a top, center, and bottom rail strung between them. It's the configuration of the pickets that is different. Instead of placing all the pickets on one side of the rails, they are offset so that every other picket is on the opposite side of the rail. The following are a few benefits of this fence style.


Just like a traditional wood panel fence, a shadow box fence provides you with a lot of privacy. Unless someone is right up against the fence, they cannot see in, so you are free to enjoy your yard as you please. Of course, if you aren't concerned about privacy and would like a bit more light to come through the fence, you can have the pickets offset in a manner that leaves a gap between the pickets.

Wind Resistance

An issue with solid panel fencing in areas with high winds is that a strong gust can knock the fence right over, which then necessitates repairs or even a replacement if the damage is severe enough. The manner of offsetting the pickets in a shadow box fence reduces air resistance and allows the wind to come through the fence, so a shadow box fence is less likely to blow over in strong winds.

Air Circulation

A small yard can feel stuffy when it's fenced in, in part due to the lack of air circulation. This can make your backyard retain heat and become uncomfortable. Further, a lack of air circulation can lead to increased fungal issues on your plants. Offsetting the fence pickets ensures air still flows through the fence, which solves these problems.

No Bad Side

There is no bad side of a shadow box fence because both sides of the fence look exactly the same. A common issue with panel fences is which way to face the "ugly" side with the visible rails -- toward the street, at your neighbor's house, or into your own yard. Since both sides of a shadow box fence look the same, you won't have to deal with this decision.


Finally, shadow box fences can be a bit more secure than a standard panel fence. Since the rails are enclosed inside the pickets, it can be more difficult to climb the fence. Height and decorative points on the top of the fences can further add to the security of the fence.

Contact a fence company in your area if you are interested in a shadow box fence.


30 June 2020

Choosing From Fence Contractors

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